Our Story

Pink Lemonade was born out of a passion to create exquisite knitted products. Bringing together skilled artisans from Northern India and a team of designers with modern aesthetics, our delicate knitted weaves come in a variety of forms.

From cozy throws to soft baby blankets to eye-catching makeup pouches, Pink Lemonade has something for everyone: homes, babies, and you.

Over the years, we’ve evolved into a global brand that’s recognized for its quality by retailers and customers alike. That because at Pink Lemonade, our motto is to only sell what we love. And we believe you’ll love it too.

Who are we?

Pink lemonade was founded by dancer and fitness instructor Supriya Damani in 2017. Having grown up in a business family, Supriya always wanted to create a business she could call her own. She created Pink Lemonade to design products that portray the grace of dance and reflect the hardiness of fitness.

Using these principles, she continues to build and transform her product offerings. Over the past few years, she has been joined by a team who continue to help her create unique, high quality products to cater to a global audience.

She hopes that her products will continue to spark joy and accentuate homes for years to come.